Friday, 28 February 2014

Moomins! Actual Moomins!

As I'm sitting here in the freezing coal hole I call home, scanning my Postcrossing cards, this ultra sweet Moomin beauty gave me a lovely warm tingle. Thank you to the lovely Finnish family who sent it to me and made an old gal happy!

Cottage in Normandy

This little gite in Normandy is so pretty and so whimsical, I almost get the urge to commandeer a little rowing boat and bob my way across the Channel right now. The kind Michel sent this Postcrossing to me. Merci!

Postcard from Texas

I always enjoy getting postcards from Americans, though I never seem to get that many :( Well, this is from Janet in Austin, Texas and what an amazing skyline! The colours are just superb, the mirroring, the lights, the sky. Janet has visited the county I live in here in the UK, both years ago and more recently. Sadly she said it was not the green and pleasant land she remembers - boo!

Winter in Denmark

I adore this postcard from lovely Postcrosser Alex. It shows the grassy plains of Denmark in winter. Frosted ground, rainbow sunset; perfect. Like me Alex is a huge Eurovision fanatic - I love the connection I find with fellow EV aficionados, it makes us instant chums for life. Like me, he often feels embarrassed by his country's entry, though that doesn't diminish the contest's magic.

Great Wall of China

Hi friends! Apologies for being in absentia for so long. The months of Jan and Feb have been chock-a-block with lashings of work, chores and other boring stuff, all of which left me with little time to blog my Postcrossing adventures. Don't let that fool you; I have still been sending and receiving postcards aplenty. Like this stunning card proudly displaying the Great Wall of China. The sender didn't say much but they did draw me a pictorial of a kitty cat. ( ~_ )