Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pass the Dutchie

Apologies for an all too predictible title. This came from Kevin, an Englishman who lives over there during the week for work. Very nice!

Beautiful Beijing

Absolutely love this amazing postcard from China - it's spectacular! The sender is a young businessman who's new to Postcrossing. Welcome Yen (~_ )

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Totes new year!

Greetings, Musers! A happy 2014 to thee and thou. Today I bring to you a suitable missive for such a sentiment (above). It comes from the sweet Lori of Chicago, no less! Woot! She told me her five resolutions but I've been sworn to secrecy - sorry.
I think I've just won Postcrossing! Sorry everyone but this is just too cute! As an avid follower of Hello Kitty© I was beside myself when this popped up yesterday morn. It comes from a sweet Taiwanese gal who also did little drawings on the back. I so want to visit that country because every postcard I get from there is amaze balls!